BOWTZ Participated in the Third China Smart Retail Digital Expo

The 3rd China Smart Retail Digital Expo, with the theme of "Technology-driven Change in Data Enabling Retail", was held in Suzhou International Expo Center of China from March 12 to 15.

The 3rd China Smart Retail Digital Expo, with the theme of "Technology-driven Change in Data Enabling Retail", was held in Suzhou International Expo Center of China from March 12 to 15. It is expected that 30,000 visitors will attend the exhibition, industry experts and new retail figures will gather, and there will be 300 technical innovation exhibitors. The main content of the conference: intelligent retail | unmanned retail | electronic price tag | intelligent terminal | cashier POS machine | self-service cashier | mobile payment | printing device | artificial intelligence AI | cashier software and management system | weighing device. Organizers will held in the same period, the main BBS: the third (2019), the Chinese wisdom and retail digital peak BBS (1000 people), inviting renowned industry experts to report on industry present situation and future trend, secretary general of the China chain association, Intel, general manager of global retail, box Ma Xian CTO industry at home and abroad, such as leaders do the report, released 2018 research and development of Chinese IT industry entrepreneurs project BBS "technology-driven change data fu can retail, distributors project BBS" professional to win customer service embodies value ". In BBS: industrial integration development and new retail stores wisdom system standard seminar of "build new ecological share the future", invited diamond, platinum, gold, silver exhibitors special enterprises to launch + competitions, digital assets assessment results and industry conference "improve enterprise digital asset, promote the healthy development of industry.

The third China Smart Retail Digital Expo will be held in Suzhou International Expo Center from March 12 to 15, 2019.

At the appointed time each link enterprise will bring the high-quality goods display, with the profession colleague altogether xiangshang profession grand meeting, and brings the newest achievement display for everybody.

BOWTZ is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise based on the Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence. Founded in 2011, the company is a private enterprise that USES intelligent products and solutions to help global retail enterprises improve operation and improve efficiency. Corporate mission: Technology makes people's life better. Corporate vision: To create a centennial enterprise based on people. Corporate core values: human-oriented innovation, effectiveness and win-win results. Enterprise spirit: striving and enterprising, all rivers run into the sea.

BOWTZ intelligence adopts the business model of combining independent research and development, independent manufacturing and authorized manufacturing, and domestic and international marketing. It is positioned as the world's leading provider of intelligent price system and commercial anti-loss and anti-theft system solutions. The research and development center of the company is located in the headquarters building in Shanghai. The research and development personnel account for 30% of the total number of the company, and the annual technology investment accounts for more than 8% of the company's turnover. 

Two major product lines:

1)ESL system: The guaranteed intelligent adopts the self-developed 2.4ghz wireless communication protocol to establish a safe, reliable and high-performance two-way communication environment, ensuring fast transmission in all kinds of store environments and ensuring the accuracy of electronic price tag display. In addition to the basic functions of intelligent price management, the guaranteed electronic price tag solution can also provide automatic replenishment reminder, auxiliary display management, time promotion, picking reminder and other functions, and can also be customized according to the application needs of customers. Strive to upgrade the electronic price tag to intelligent display and interactive system for the global market.

2) EAS system: BOWTZ Intelligent is the earliest domestic brand to develop, produce and sell acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system in China. At present, it owns a series of products such as Regent, Apocalypse, Fengshang and Ruitai. Guaranteed commodity security system with its high performance, high stability, fashion, remote management and other characteristics to win the trust of customers, is now the first well-known brand in China, and strive to become a wellknown international brand.

The third (2019) China Smart Retail Digital Expo
· Booth C4, Pavilion C1, Suzhou International Expo Center