BOWTZ and Ali Cloud loT Cooperation of the Intelligent Conference on the Line

The first cooperation project between BOWTZ and Ali Cloud loT -- intelligent conference nameplate was successfully launched. 


Manager: Xiao Li, who is meeting in the party conference room? What time does it finish?

Xiao Li: Manager, I'm not sure. We have already made an appointment to use this meeting room at 9:00. I don't know who occupied it. ……


With its presence, the conference room dynamic information becomes clear! The first cooperation project between BOWTZ and Ali Cloud loT -- intelligent conference nameplate was successfully launched. By scanning the QR code on the screen, you can easily reserve the meeting room and set the use time, and the meeting room reservation record is clear at a glance.

IoT intelligent conference board is a wireless intelligent hardware device based on LoRa communication protocol transmission over a long distance. With a 7.5-inch E-Ink three-color eink screen and ultra-low power consumption (6 CR2450 button batteries, 2 years of battery life), loT intelligent conference board is a meaningful paperless office. Large display screen, can display the conference theme, meeting time, participating departments, personnel and other information.


Conference information clearly presents innovation without interruption! The intelligent meeting nameplate is connected as follows, welcome to smash the order!