Working Together to Combat the Epidemic, the Chairman of BOWTZ Interviewed by CCTV

Mr. Xu Daoju, chairman of BOWTZ, was interviewed by CCTV news channel, Dragon TV and other media on the protection measures for office premises and Shanghai's "28" supporting policies.

In this New Year of Boxer Rebellion, it is a beautiful day for all families to get together and welcome happiness. But a sudden epidemic storm is sweeping across the land of China, in the face of disaster, unity, the belief to overcome difficulties let our hearts closely linked together, this is a set of national strength and time race battle. Up to now, the situation of COVID-19 is still grim, and the prevention and control policies have not been relaxed for a moment.

In order to contain the further spread of COVID-19, policies have been introduced to extend the Spring Festival holiday and delay the resumption of work. In most areas, the resumption of work is not earlier than 24:00 on February 9. At present, some enterprises in China have gradually resumed operation.

In order to get a better understanding of the measures taken by various enterprises in fighting the epidemic and the actual resumption of work, local media have had in-depth understanding of some representative enterprises.

BOWTZ is one of the representative enterprises in the information service industry that serves people's livelihood with science and technology. Mr. Xu Daoju, chairman of BOWTZ. was interviewed by CCTV News channel, Dragon TV and other media on the protection measures for office premises and Shanghai "28" supporting policies.


In the face of the major epidemic, we have been able to firmly respond to the call of the state, Shanghai, Jiading district and other governments at all levels, and strictly abide by the requirements of the industrial zone and the park. The company set up the epidemic control team on January 26, 2020, with the chairman as the group leader to ensure the implementation of all measures through various means!

Based on the national epidemic prevention and control situation, and in order to ensure the health and safety of every employee, we have postponed the resumption of work for three times, namely from January 31 to February 3; From February 3rd to February 10th; The work has been postponed to February 24. The health and safety of employees is the greatest wealth of the company.

Of course, from the business perspective, the economic losses caused by the epidemic are very large. But compared to the bigger picture of the country and the health of its workers, it's worth it. Because in front of the big is big, we will abandon the gains and losses of enterprises, with the national and government policies, never fluke, never take the health risks of employees!

To our great warmth, in this difficult time for small and medium-sized enterprises, Shanghai Municipal government has issued a series of supportive policies for enterprises in a timely manner. In the face of the pandemic, the government has been keeping our small and medium-sized enterprises in mind and working with us to tide over the difficulties. At the same time, our park (Shanghai Financial Valley) also exempted all the enterprises in the park from renting for two months. At a critical moment, we extended a helping hand in time to advance and retreat together with our enterprises. We are very grateful.

In this special time, we are working together as one nation. While we are receiving government policy support and help from the park, we are also taking practical actions to serve people's livelihood and repay the society with science and technology.



Since its inception, we have adhered to the mission of "serving the people's livelihood with science and technology", and provided big data services to brick-and-mortar retail enterprises and governments with Iot products and big data platforms. The vegetable basket big data platform independently developed by the company was launched in early 2019. During the interview, Mr. Xu Daoju, chairman of BOWTZ, said: "Our original intention of spending a lot of energy on developing this series of products is based on the importance of the state, and we regard vegetable basket as a major livelihood project, which is attached great importance by the central and local governments. At the same time, we also found that there are still a large number of pain points in the vegetable basket system, such as the production, supply and sales information has not been integrated, there are a large number of information data islands, data collection rely on manual, can not be real-time, automatic, comprehensive. Our vegetable basket big data platform can automatically collect, analyze, display and warn the data of the whole supply chain to provide decision support for governments at all levels and vegetable offices! Let vegetable basket big data platform become the mayor's right-hand man! Another important product line of ours is the electronic price tag solution, which is a series of solutions based on the Internet of Things and big data platform to help physical retail enterprises realize digital and omni-channel marketing.

In this major epidemic, ensuring people's three meals a day is the top priority. In this special period, retailers have made a significant contribution, especially those in the community fresh food store and online home mode. Therefore, we are deeply aware that it is an urgent and inevitable trend for all walks of life in China, including the government and physical retail enterprises, to realize Internet, digital, online and intelligent of things.

BOWTZ as a science and technology innovation enterprise, we will redouble efforts to launch more "core" products, to serve customers, to serve the people's livelihood! Serve people's livelihood with science and technology!

At this special time, we sincerely pay tribute to those who have gone against the tide of the epidemic. Although thousands of people have gone, we give up our little homes for everyone and look forward to your peace. We have also seen the speed of China, all walks of life support, thousands of behind-the-scenes heroes, can be called the universe! At the same time, we call on our compatriots to do their best, cooperate unconditionally with policy arrangements and be fearless of challenges. Please firmly believe that behind us is a strong medical, strong science and technology, as well as our strong motherland!