BOWTZ Won the Top 10 Retail Service Providers in China

On June 5, the 2020 Lianshang Conference, co-hosted by Lianshang, and Cicadas, came to a grand conclusion in Hangzhou.

Lianshang conference has been held for 18 years and is one of the most influential industry events in China's retail industry. With the theme of "The Power of Commodities", the congress is committed to building a more efficient and benign supply-demand relationship. As a leading enterprise in the field of electronic price tag in China, BOWTZ Intelligence was invited to attend this conference and won the award of "Top ten Service providers in China's retail industry".


This honor is a great affirmation to the company's efforts and innovation in the past year to help the digital transformation and upgrading of pan-retail enterprises and bring quality experience to consumers. In this process, with the combination of electronic price tag and big data, the guarantor is able to provide corresponding solutions to offline retail business scenarios of "people, goods and stores", enabling the transformation of the new retail industry with technology. The technology is also being used in the government's vegetable basket project.


BOWTZ is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise based on the Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence. It is a pan-retail enterprise with digital, online and intellectual input accounting for more than 15% of the company's turnover. It is a staterecognized high-tech enterprise and the executive vice President unit of Electronic paper Association.


In recent years, BOWTZ has maintained a high growth trend, and with more than 10 years of software and hardware technology accumulation and a deep understanding of the industry, it has successfully become a leading provider of electronic price tag, digital shelf and digital store solutions. How will the future of BOWTZ change and innovation? After a year's development, BOWTZ will bring you what kind of surprise? November 19-21, 2020, the 22nd China Retail Expo will be officially held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.