BOWTZ ESL Solution: Green Empowerment, Environmental Protection First

This year's World Earth Day is themed around "Invest In Our Planet", advocating green and low-carbon living and improving the overall environment of the planet.

Through product innovation, business expansion and operation management optimization and upgrading, BOWTZ has been continuously practicing its mission of being "The World's Leading ESL Solution Provider".

1. Energy-saving Products Lead the Development of the Industry
(1) Industry Leading In Range Capability

ESL is a kind of wireless intelligent product, and one of the keys to ensure the endurance of wireless products is low power consumption. Now our ESL lasts for 10 years. Through continuous investment in research and development, we hope to create ESL with a longer life span. Through continuous improvement of technology research and development, BOWTZ has become a leader in the industry. By reducing the amount of energy used by retail businesses, BOWTZ not only saves money, but also helps the environment by reducing the emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, making its due contribution to the energy conservation and emission reduction of retail businesses.

(2) The Use of Electronic Paper Is Environmentally Friendly And Low-carbon

The dot-matrix electronic paper technology used in the our ESL consumes electricity only when the page is refreshed and other operations, and the power consumption is low. If the ESL does not refresh the display content, it can also keep displaying for a long time. The ESL is almost powerless in such a static working condition.

At the same time, BOWTZ will further deepen its cooperation with E Ink Yuantai Technology, the global leader in electronic paper, to bring low-carbon, energy-saving, light pollution-free and environmentally friendly products to customers and society. In March of this year, E Ink announced that it has officially joined the global renewable energy initiative RE100 (100% Renewable Electricity) and will reach RE100 by 2030, which is the goal of using 100% green renewable energy in its global factories.

The use of environmentally friendly low-carbon electronic paper boosts the smooth development of the ESL environmental protection road, and provides a strong guarantee for the energy saving and emission reduction of retail store merchandise shelves.

(3) SaaS Cloud Service Saves Energy Loss

Most retail companies have become loyal users of SaaS. BOWTZ's SaaS services reduce the waste of computing resources by better allocating service resources according to actual demand. This strategy can save up to 50% of energy.

All customers can access the same software on a set of linked servers. BOWTZ's SaaS cloud services reduce overall energy use and associated carbon emissions, effectively accelerating the digital transformation and upgrade of retail businesses.

2 Helping Retail Stores Save Energy And Reduce Emissions
(1) Saving Paper And Equipment Loss Such As Printers

Traditional paper price tags consume a lot of paper every year. One sheet of A4 paper can make about 8 paper price tags, which requires 16g of wood. A tree is roughly estimated to weigh one ton (1000 kg). For a store with 3,000 price tags, for example, changing prices 52 times a year for 5 years would save 1.56 tons of wood, which is equivalent to 1.56 trees.

Number of A4 Paper = 3000 x 52 x 5 ÷ 8 = 32500
Wood Weight = 97,500 x 16 = 15,600,000 grams

According to statistics, the total number of physical stores in China is about more than 40 million, of which 6 million are retail physical stores. If China's retail stores are using ESLs, 5 years will reduce 9.36 million trees cut down. If we look at the global market, the value of environmental protection brought by the widespread use of ESLs is even more self-evident.

(2) Improve Efficiency, Energy Saving And Emission Reduction

Traditional price tags require several or even a dozen employees to work overtime for at least half a day to complete the price tag adjustment. Every year, the retail stores work overtime to update the traditional price tag, including equipment power, lights and other energy consumption should not be underestimated. After the use of ESL, employees can change the price preset through the ESL system, in a few seconds to complete the adjustment of the price tag information of goods, greatly saving the use of energy and reducing carbon emissions.

(3) Contributing To The Food Crisis And Saving Food Waste

The global food shortage, sharp decrease in production and rapid price increase have caused an unprecedented food panic and crisis in the past 40 years. And in the retail industry, food occupies an important proportion. Fruits, vegetables, cooked foods, seafood, etc. are prone to loss and change price more often compared to other goods, requiring timely promotional activities.

After using the ESL, the food changes price through the system preset, then can be completed; flashing light function can carry on the prolonged reminder, let the staff to manage the prolonged goods in time. Through the help of ESL, the retail industry has reduced food waste and loss, also to a certain extent to alleviate the food crisis, is a good method of environmental protection and health.

BOWTZ has long been actively committed to providing more efficient and sustainable digital solutions for enterprises, helping global retail enterprises to improve efficiency and operational mechanisms through all aspects from products to operations and from services to security, thereby reducing energy consumption and sustaining development in a green and low-carbon manner.

After using the ESL, the food changes price through the system preset, then can be completed; flashing light function can carry on the prolonged reminder, let the staff to manage the prolonged goods in time. Through the ESL help, the retail industry has reduced food waste and loss, also to a certain extent to alleviate the food crisis, is the environmental protection, healthy move.

BOWTZ Intelligence has long been actively committed to providing enterprises with more efficient and sustainable digital solutions. Through all aspects from products to operations, from services to guarantees, it helps global retail enterprises improve their work efficiency and operational mechanisms, thus reducing energy consumption and developing sustainably in a green and low-carbon way.

BOWTZ Chairman Xu Daoju believes that BOWTZ is an enterprise with a sense of mission and responsibility. BOWTZ will carry out the mission of "electronic paper instead of traditional paper energy saving and environmental protection for mankind, serving one million retail stores", and actively explore the green production environment, environmental protection and energy saving products through continuous innovation and research and development globally, and take the corresponding social responsibility.