BOWTZ Helps METRO Beijing Four Seasons Green Member Store Digitalize Its Merchandise Operation

On May 17, Metro completed the layout of its first member store in 2022 with the commissioning of the Metro Sijiqing member store in Haidian District, Beijing. This is the fourth store in Beijing and the 102nd store in China.

BOWTZ ESL Enables Digital Upgrade of E-Tesco

In recent months, under the pressure of the epidemic, major retailers have been actively optimizing service details, increasing investment in intelligent equipment, innovating sales models, accelerating the pace of transformation and further improving service quality.

Why Community Supermarkets Are Becoming More and More Popular? | Bowtz Case Study(ESL)

With the development of the cities and the increase of people's living needs, what kind of supermarket will become more and more popular?

Congratulations on the Grand Opening of Likehome Supermarket

Recently, Likehome Supermarket was opened and BOWTZ ESL successfully entered the local market, allowing local retailers to get a digital upgrade.

BOWTZ Helps METRO Member Stores Advance Digitalization and Develop New Retail

In the past two years, with the continuous development of new retail and the continuous upgrading of consumption, all major supermarket brands have carried out the model of member stores. The brand competitiveness of member stores has also become an important indicator of market accumulation.

PetroChina uSmile Stores Digital Upgrade

In 2018, CNPC's non-oil business, uSmile convenience stores, achieved sales revenue of 25.4 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 28%.

Exploring New Heights in Retail With G-Super Greenland

Based on more than a decade of experience in the retail sector, BOWTZ is the vendor partner of G-Super Greenland's ESL project with its product and service advantages.

Ali and BOWTZ Jointly Empowered to Create the "Pharmacy of the Tuture"

Ali and BOWTZ joint empowerment to create the "pharmacy of the future" can buy medicine brush face? ESL can be said to achieve online and offline price synchronization?