Instant Price Adjustment For Sales Promotion @BOWTZ

According to statistics, 50-70% of sales in national chains are directly generated by promotional merchandise. Promotions, however, are limited by the tedious nature of coordinating a sale. Price tags have to be adjusted at the open and close of a sale.

This means more time spent on labour which offsets the benefit of having a sale. BOWTZ ESL technology simplifies this process by digitizing the shelf labels. Promotional activity can now be carried out in seconds, which saves retailers labour costs, and brings in more of that tasty promotional revenue.

With BOWTZ ESL tech, stores can launch promotional activities at any time, discount and promote any goods at any time, and then restore the original price of goods at an appropriate time. The whole process can be completed automatically through the IT system.

Take Black Friday for example. An electronics franchise may wish to promote products within their inventory for just one day, or perhaps for the whole weekend. They may wish to issue the promotion to just one store, or to several stores within their franchise. With BOWTZ ESL technology it is possible to coordinate these sales all from one location. Sales can be scheduled to begin at a designated time, and to return to normal pricing at a pre-set time when the sale is over. Product labels can even change colours, to signify which items are on sale, or to indicate other such product information as the retailer desires. No tedious label printing or changing is required!

BOWTZ ESL tech significantly decreases the labour load of a sales promotion, it takes only 15 seconds to complete the price label conversion. Promotions then become more accessible for the retailer, allowing for more versatility in their marketing approach. Sales can be coordinated for a day, a weekend, or even just a few hours, in order to achieve the objectives of the management team. A better approach to sales means better sales. How does it get better than that?

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BOWTZ was founded in 2011 and our solutions are in the 4th generation with best security features and best price performance in the market.
- Shortest refresh delays in the industry
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