What Are the Advantages of E-Paper ESL?

In recent years, the global ESL market size has been at a high level of growth.

According to CINNO Research's ePaper Insight statistics, the global ESL market has achieved a high compound annual growth of about 50% in shipments over the past five years.According to RUNTO's ePaper industry research data, the global ESL shipments in the first quarter of 2022 will be about 72 million pieces, a year-on-year growth of nearly 95%.

ESL has been applied to new retail stores, fresh supermarkets, supermarket hypermarkets, traditional chain supermarkets, convenience stores, jewelry stores, beauty stores, home life stores, etc.; in addition, its application fields are increasing, expanding to a variety of scenes such as pharmacies, warehouses, conference rooms, etc. Why are more and more different scenarios choosing e-paper ESL  as a medium for information presentation? What are the advantages of e-paper ESL? 

Reduce Paper Waste

ESL is more environmentally friendly than paper price tags. For example, for most businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, ESL technology can help reduce costs such as printing.

BOWTZ ESL eliminates the need to print paper price tags, saving paper and avoiding the pollution caused by printer ink or toner. When displaying a static image, the electronic paper consumes almost no power, and only requires a small amount of power when switching between display screens.

Ideally, an ESL is refreshed four times a day, and its batteries have the potential to last up to 10 years. bowtz empowers over 10,000 stores worldwide, saving approximately 190 million sheets of paper per year. the longer the ESL is used, the more labor costs can be saved.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

ESL's one-click remote price change replaces employees working overtime to change paper price tags, saving electricity and reducing carbon emissions in the store's work environment.

Moreover, its display effect is close to natural paper. Even when the light becomes dim, customers can clearly see the product information on ESL's electronic paper screen for easy reading. Therefore, appropriately reducing the brightness of the lights in the store can save electricity and reduce carbon emissions to a certain extent.

In addition, ESL also makes a positive contribution to carbon emissions because it saves a large amount of paper price tags. OWTZESL can save 190 million paper and reduce carbon emissions by about 500 tons per year.

Recyclable Long-Life Screens

E-paper led screens have a long life span and can be recycled and reused when they finally end their work. Most led screens can be recycled, green and practical, which helps to further save paper, electricity and reduce carbon emissions.

Good Visual Effect, Protect Your Eyesight

ESL display effect is close to natural paper, which can avoid consumer reading fatigue. The viewing angle of electronic paper is relatively large, and the 180-degree viewing distance is far. As mentioned before, the content displayed on the electronic paper screen of the electronic price tag can be clearly seen in low light or strong light. This can bring customers a better shopping experience.

More and more companies are adhering to the concept of green and environmentally friendly development, and the trend of decarbonization in various industries will advance in a deeper direction and have a positive impact on global sustainable development. In the future, implementing ESL solutions is an important way for different companies to improve their sustainability practices.