8 Ways BOWTZ Helps Retailers Win Market Competition

The integration of IoT technology with various industries has led to the emergence of the phenomenal application "electronic shelf label" in the new retail sector. As an intelligent terminal for real-time change of commodity prices and promotional advertisements, BOWTZ ESL opens up a networking interface for each commodity.

In the face of the urgent need for digital and intelligent transformation of the retail industry, supermarkets urgently need to deploy ESL systems to optimize the commodity management process, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

What kind of new changes will BOWTZ ESL solution bring to these enterprises? How to help retail enterprises win the market competition? There are 8 main ways as follows.

Intelligent Commodity Management

Once the store staff starts using BOWTZ ESL, they can manage the prices of their products online in real time, and the ESL can adjust the price tags of single or multiple items at any time according to different promotions. Obviously, for large supermarkets with thousands or even tens of thousands of products, it may take only ten or twenty minutes to adjust the prices of all products. BOWTZ ESL makes product management more intelligent and automated.

Synchronization of Omni-Channel Promotions

Currently, the integration of online and offline has become a common phenomenon in the retail industry, and the asymmetry of price information has been basically eliminated. For retailers with both online stores and offline stores, the use of BOWTZ ESL can help synchronize online and offline marketing activities.

ESL can open a third-party interface to the retailer's online store on the price tag management platform, so that price changes can be made on the same management platform for both online and offline stores. When the prices of goods in stores are updated, the prices of goods in online shopping malls are also updated together.

Customers can scan the two-dimensional code on the ESL and jump directly to the online store, easily completing online shopping and offline pickup, perfectly realizing the integration of online and offline scenarios.

Solve Cost and Efficiency Problems

BOWTZ ESL can be deployed and operational in a short period of time. Enterprises can quickly assess the effect of manufacturing process optimization and get a return on investment within 1 to 2 years.

Therefore, the attractiveness of ESL to companies in terms of improving efficiency and reducing costs is self-evident. Compared to human employees, ESL digital employees are tireless and fast at processing repetitive tasks with fixed rules, which results in significant optimization of the unit cost of completing the task. In addition, ESL is more controllable and accurate, avoiding the hassles caused by human error.

Improve Work Efficiency

It is clear that ESL can enhance the organizational digital experience and break through traditional barriers. Automation of manual processes can optimize an organization's staffing structure and become a workforce supplement for high-intensity work and night duty. ESL contributes to productivity gains, saving companies time and costs.

Optimize Human Resources

Usually, among the two major costs of brick-and-mortar business - rent and manpower - the only one that companies can actively control is the cost of manpower. One of the starting points of new retail is to improve efficiency and reduce manpower.
ESL automates business processes and reduces the deployment of "manual-intensive" positions, even during peak business periods. At the same time, ESL can also process a large volume of work in a timely manner, freeing employees from repetitive, mechanical tasks and allowing them to focus more energy and time on more meaningful work.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Frankly speaking, automation through ESL can improve both internal employee and external customer satisfaction.

Internally, ESL replaces manual work to complete operations, reducing work pressure, improving work quality, efficiency and employee satisfaction, and enabling employees to focus more on high value-added work.

Externally, the implementation and operation of ESL system can rapidly promote the digital transformation of enterprises, shorten response time, improve response capability and processing timeliness through human-machine collaborative services, and thus enhance customer satisfaction.

Unlock the Value of Commodity Data

In most cases, in order to stay on top of the industry, companies need to be more proactive and responsive to changes in the market. ESL can help companies obtain basic data on commodities in a timely manner in order to improve the efficiency and value of commodity data utilization, better analyze market conditions, and enable business managers to formulate strategies in a more targeted manner, allowing companies to maintain an advantage in the complex and changing market competition.

Fits the Strategic Development Needs of the Company

Retail companies are scrambling to unlock the value of next-generation digital technologies. ESL plays a vital role in the operations and competitiveness of the business. Employees freed from tedious and repetitive work can focus on creative and higher value tasks. Over time, corporate turnover will also improve, the work atmosphere becomes better, and internal innovation will continue to increase.

In addition, green, ecological and environmental protection are essential elements of every company's sustainable development strategy, and BOWTZ has long been committed to providing more efficient and sustainable digital solutions to help global retail companies improve their efficiency and operational mechanisms through all aspects from products to operations, from services to security, so as to reduce energy consumption and sustainable development in a green and low-carbon way. We are closely linked to each enterprise from product to strategy.