What Benefits Does the Automatic Price Change of Electronic Shelf Labels Bring to Retail Stores?

In the 1990s, in order to solve the problems of high labor cost, high error rate, high loss rate, low efficiency, high operating cost and non environmental protection of paper labels, people developed an electronic display device – ‘Electronic Shelf Labels’.

The clerks got rid of the dilemma of manually changing labels, making the price change more automatic and intelligent. So, what benefits does this automatic price change function bring to retail stores?

High Accuracy and Not Easy to Make Mistakes

Usually, there are errors in the printing and replacement of paper shelf labels by store clerks, which makes the shelf labels out of sync with the POS prices. This not only makes the stores punished repeatedly, but also affects the brand's reputation and image.

The clerks can operate the price change in time and accurately by using the electronic shelf label, which is accurate and not easy to make mistakes, and is very helpful to improve the brand.

Improve Work Efficiency and Save Operating Costs

If you use paper shelf labels, you need to print and manually change the shelf labels when you change the prices for store promotions. For a large supermarket with tens of thousands of SKUs, the time, labor and material costs for one price change are very large. At the same time, due to the high cost of price change and long lead time, it is difficult to play the role of price pull on consumer demand.

The use of electronic shelf labels saves the cost of material and labor for price change of paper shelf labels - fine management, improves work efficiency, improves service quality, and saves unnecessary expenses; Automatic price change reduces work intensity and saves manpower and resources to cope with the rising price of human resources.

Effectively Improve Satisfaction

Obviously, the automatic price change through the electronic shelf label can improve the satisfaction of clerks and shoppers at the same time.

For clerks, the electronic shelf label automatically completes price change, reduces work pressure, improves work quality and efficiency, and enables employees to focus more on high value-added work.

For shoppers, the automatic price change of the electronic shelf label avoids product price or information errors, making the shopping experience better and more convenient. Automatic price changes allow clerks to put more effort into enhancing the shopper experience. This effectively increases shopper satisfaction.

In brief, the automatic price change function of electronic shelf label s solves the problems existing in the use of traditional shelf labels in retail stores, improves work efficiency to a certain extent, saves increasing operating costs, and improves shopper satisfaction. It is an important tool for the future digital transformation and development of retail stores.