As Global Heat Continues, Electronic Shelf Labels Help Reduce the Planet's Carbon Footprint

This summer, hot weather continued to hit the world. since July, many countries in Europe and the United States issued extreme heat weather warnings. At the same time, the hot weather has also brought secondary disasters such as fires and droughts. Obviously, a series of environmental problems brought about by rising temperatures have threatened the survival and development of human beings. Carbon emissions are the main cause of global temperature rise.

What Are the Advantages of E-Paper ESL?

In recent years, the global ESL market size has been at a high level of growth.

Electronic Shelf Label Helps Retailers Manage Inventory in Five Ways

In the first half of this year, the second part of SML's State of Retail Insights Report: Better Serving Customers Through Technology reported that 43 percent of retailers believe that increased visibility into inventory levels helps better serve customers and improves the overall customer experience.

How Does BOWTZ ESL Reduce Food Waste in Retail and Alleviate the Food Crisis?

According to the United Nations, the carbon footprint of all wasted food worldwide reaches 3.3 billion tons per year, out of a total of 50 billion tons.

8 Ways BOWTZ Helps Retailers Win Market Competition

The integration of IoT technology with various industries has led to the emergence of the phenomenal application "electronic shelf label" in the new retail sector. As an intelligent terminal for real-time change of commodity prices and promotional advertisements, BOWTZ ESL opens up a networking interface for each commodity.

How Electronic Shelf Labels Are Changing Supermarkets?

Why are supermarkets using electronic shelf labels? What role does it play in the supermarket? In the future, is it a necessary tool for supermarkets?

How Does ESL Improve the Brand Image of Retailers?

In recent years, with the intensification of the competition and the continuous maturity of the retail industry, especially the rising labor costs, more and more retailers have begun to use ESL on a large scale to solve the multiple disadvantages of traditional paper labels, such as difficult to modify information frequently, high labor cost, high error rate, easy to lose, low application efficiency, and increased operating costs. In addition to the significant improvement of operation management, ESL has improved the brand image of retailers to a certain extent.

BOWTZ ESL Battery Life Extension Can Help Save the Planet

How long does the Earth have left to exist? If we calculate that the Earth has 7.5 billion years of life left, it is 40 years old today. With the increasing depletion of non-renewable resources on the earth and the gradual deterioration of the soil and marine environment, the survival of human beings is threatened.