Your Store Gets More!

Less cost, more efficient is just a beginning

LED Flash

Accelerates operational tasks to improve product picking speed and accuracy, and reduce the cost and time involved with stock replenishment

Multiple color display

Fully graphic and available in three colors. Red, black and paper white. Yellow, black and paper white.

See from a wide angle

Viewable through close to 180° and reduce glare


Changeable batteries and long life (typically 8 years with up to 4 updates per day).

Long battery life
QR code

Scan and switch to online store to acquire further product information, comparing price, or place an order from online.

Long battery life

Changeable batteries and long life (typically 8 years with up to 4 updates per day).


Built-in NFC to connect to smartphones , send offers, and switch to a new page.


Labels operate from -25°C* to 40°C.

Operating temperature

Digital upgrade of the retail industry has become an inevitable trend!

In today's retail environment, refined operations, efficient management, consumer experience, and omni-channel marketing are key factors for success. Electronic shelf label solutions have become an important part of retail digitalization.
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+ Efficient marketing
+ Cost reduction
+ Store beautification
+ Digital operation
+ Environmental protection

Increase membership, accurate marketing, save consumables, reduce labor costs, and lower customer complaint rates.
Electronic shelf label makes store management digital, efficient and convenient, and enhances store image.
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+ Efficient operation
+ Management optimization
+ Big data statistics
+ Smart binding

Inventory interoperability, intelligent alert, process shortening, one-click price change promotion, price control.
One-click binding of goods and ESLs, full APP management, and process automation.
Save a lot of manpower and time to assist display, optimize picking, and manage the whole process digitally.
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+ Complete product information
+ Convenient consumption
+ Two-way interaction
+ Real-time price

Commodity information, the latest offer display, commodity traceability.
Get rid of the one-way consumption mode and establish the interactive bond between merchants and shoppers.
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Price Management

Electronic shelf labels enable automatic price changes, reducing the time it takes to change paper price labels by more than 80%.
It is well known that the right price can have a significant impact on sales. Thousands of price labels need to be changed for each price adjustment or promotion, which is a tedious and error-prone task. The unique advantage of electronic shelf label is that it can realize automatic price change, online and offline price synchronization and information synchronization through the connection with ERP system.

The automatic price change function helps employees free up time for more valuable work. Electronic shelf labeling frees employees from boring and low-value work and is an important measure to improve employee productivity.

Traditional paper price labels have an error rate. With the use of electronic shelf labels, the error rate can be reduced to less than 1/6 of the original price label.

Retailers often have complex price management processes, but the use of electronic shelf labels can greatly shorten the process of implementing price strategies. Through the electronic shelf label software system, one-click management of store prices can be realized.

The market changes rapidly and competition is always present. Using an electronic shelf labeling system ensures that pricing strategies are in place in a timely manner to maintain market competitiveness.


Efficient Operation

Electronic shelf labeling solutions can help stores greatly improve their management.
By setting up rich shelf label promotion templates, you can meet the price psychological needs of different shoppers.

Through the LED flashing light reminder function of the electronic shelf label, staff can greatly reduce picking time.

Fix the location of the merchandise display, standardize the store operation standards, and ensure that the headquarters plan is consistent with the store display.

Consumer Experience

Consumers nowadays expect to be able to learn more about the product

Consumers can obtain product information by scanning the QR code on the electronic price tag or NFC perception, so as to consume safely and securely

Consumers can use electronic price tags to scan code purchases, product traceability, product evaluation, member registration, and receive electronic coupons, which increases the interaction between consumers and products, thereby enhancing the consumption experience in the scene

Industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and a good image can help stores stand out from the competition. Electronic price tags can improve the sense of technology and cleanliness of stores, and are more and more popular among young people.